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Have you ever considered becoming a District Councillor?

There are two wards in Ashtead each of three District Councillors and the Ashtead Independents are always scouting for potential likeminded Councillors. If you are interested to learn more then please get in touch with one of the six existing Ashtead Independent Councillors.


Councillors are elected to Mole Valley District Council to represent their local community, so should live in Ashtead. Becoming a Councillor is both rewarding and a privileged form of public service. You will be able to make a difference in the quality of other people’s daily lives and prospects across Mole Valley.


Being an effective councillor requires both commitment and hard work. Councillors must balance the needs and interests of residents, the requirements of national law and the Council. These all make legitimate demands on a Councillor’s time, so before committing yourself speak to the current Ashtead Independent team. You may need to discuss with family, because you may need to spend some of your spare time on Council Business.


The councillor’s role and responsibilities include;


-           Representing the ward for which they are elected

-           Decision making

-           Developing and reviewing council policy

-           Regulatory, quasi-judicial and statutory duties

-           Community leadership and engagement


Most Council meetings take place during the evenings, but some officer or resident meetings could be in the working day.


As a new elected Councillor there will be an induction together with ongoing support, as you join committees or appointments with outside bodies.


This is a useful UK Government link with information Become a councillor


Lastly, as an Ashtead Independent Councillor you cannot hold an active national political party membership when representing Ashtead. It is in our constitution, but at least you can independently make your own mind up on all matters and not be controlled by a political whip to do only what a national political party demands. All Residents are truly represented by Ashtead Independent Councillors.

By Councillor Garry Stansfield


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