Representing the three Ashtead Wards on Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council ... ... and with good reason!

Ashtead Independents are registered with the Electoral Commission to enable them to be identified and use a logo. Our Constitution and Rules make clear each vote independently with no whip.

We, the majority of Ashtead residents and the Ashtead Residents’ Association consider that National party politics has no place in local councils.  It creates unnecessary antagonisms and divisiveness, and tends to prevent a proportion of members of the Council from being able to exercise full influence on behalf of their constituents.

In this site we introduce ourselves and try to keep you up to date with current issues affecting Ashtead.  Please use it to contact us to ask questions, to ask for help, to offer assistance in our campaigns, or especially if you would like to join us!

Elections 2022 Results

We would like to thank all the 1,987 Ashtead residents who voted for one of the Ashtead Independent candidates on 5 May 2022.

Each of our three Councillors achieved over 60% of the vote in their wards, with the nearest other party being the Conservatives in Park Ward who managed almost 26%. The Liberal Democrats trailed at just 10–15%. The actual figures and percentages are given below.

We are gratified by the confidence that our residents have shown in us, and be assured that all seven of us will continue to do our best to serve Ashtead and address issues of concern brought to our attention.

The Council remains in control of the Liberal Democrats, with a majority increased from two to four as a result of the Conservatives losing two seats.

All positions on Committees and Working Groups in the Council are allocated proportionately. As all Ashtead wards continue to be independent, we are assured of seats on all key decision-making committees and working groups. Even though the Liberal Democrats will still dominate decision-making, we will be able to continue making our views heard. It ensures that Ashtead will continue to have a voice. To see more details please click HERE


Alan Reilly 


Patricia Wiltshire 


Garry Stansfield


Latest News



Mole Valley Spatial Strategy – time for a rethink?


The Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) Local plan identifies sites in Ashtead and elsewhere in the district for the development of housing, health facilities, leisure, cultural facilities, new public open space, early years’ education, business, and commerce.

With 90% of MVDC land categorized Green Belt or Countryside the result could be further intensification of construction within Ashtead if the current Spatial Strategy is maintained.

The Inspector will examine the plan in detail and will be holding public hearings, probably in June. When satisfied, the Inspector will produce a report and, if the Inspector’s findings are satisfactory, the Council will formally adopt the plan. More here

Previous consultations, now closed, can be found in the archive HERE