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We have received notification from Surrey County Council that because a General Election has been called, it means that Ashtead Library cannot be used for the Ashtead Independents  Drop in Advice Surgery.  

We are sorry therefore to have to cancel the surgery.

If any residents have any issues to raise, please use the contact form on this website and we will respond to you.

Thank you, and we hope you can understand that the cancellation was not through our choice.  Our next Library Advice Surgery is scheduled for 2-4pm on Saturday 6th July, a few days after the General Election.

It is with great sadness that we heard of Simon Cowell’s death last week after a long fight with cancer. His funeral will be at Brockham Anglican Church at 12.30 p.m. on 4th July 2024.
The committal will then be at Randalls Road Crematorium.

Patricia Wiltshire (Independent Councillor for Ashtead)

Read more about Simon HERE

Simon Cowell MBE

Founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, Leatherhead


10th June 2024

At my last election I promised 20mph outside our local schools, as St Giles and Greville schools now have 20mph as promised, the area around West Ashtead, St Peters, St Andrews and Downsend schools will now have 20mph introduced over the school holidays this year.
Various roads and pavements have also been improved over the last year including Park Lane, The Street,  Beechcroft, and Cray Avenue with improvements to Woodfield Lane and Barnett Wood Lane due over the coming year.
Flooding has been an issue in a number of places recently and these have been resolved with particular reference to the S bend in Farm Lane - there is an outstanding issue with one local householder here that Surrey Highways is addressing, but otherwise all issues have been resolved.
As far as yellow lines (parking restrictions) are concerned, those for 2023/4 are now in, with those requested for 2024/5 due for consultation later this year. Also, various repairs and new railings are being done over the coming months outside The Brewery pub, outside West Ashtead school and along Woodfield Lane.
Please continue to log potholes on the SCC website - it does work !!

Surrey Funding
I have supported a number of projects requesting funding from my Surrey allocations over the last few months, including for Ashtead Cricket Club, Greville School, the APMH and the Youth Centre. Some have already been agreed and delivered whilst the remainder are awaiting final confirmation.





Update on Ashtead Pond

26th May 2024

Everyone seems to be much happier with the state of our pond this year.

Your Independent Councillors fought hard to get it dredged and cleared and it is now a much deeper and more stable body of water for wildfowl and other animals.

Some dead trees have been removed, some have fallen down, and many have been pollarded to reduce their canopies. This all ensures that less water is extracted by foliage and more light is able to get to the water.

Continue reading HERE

07th May 2024



Ashtead Independents win both seats

A big “thank you” to all Ashtead residents who voted for their Ashtead Independent (AI) candidates – both of whom were elected with significant majorities on 2 May 2024.

Gerry Sevenoaks was elected for Ashtead Park Ward and Andy Smith for Ashtead Lanes and Common. We are gratified that the people of Ashtead have, once again, put their trust and confidence in us to represent their views and to continue to work for the local community.

Ashtead Independents secured 56.3 % of the total number of votes cast.


Your Ashtead Independent Councillors are:


Continue reading HERE 

07th May 2024

After the elections, councillors get back to working for Ashtead Residents

The day after the votes were counted and results announced, Ashtead's Independent Councillors resumed work as normal - on Saturday 4th May Cllr Chris Hunt led the other Ashtead Independent Alley Action Volunteers and helped remove overgrown vegetation from an alley off Skinners Lane. The group collected 23 sacks of vegetation. "Thanks to the team, we managed to cut back areas along the footpath as well as around the post box and the bench. " Says Chris.


Then at 2pm the same day Cllr Mary Cooper joined Chris Hunt for the monthly drop in advice surgery at Ashtead Library.  "After the April session could not be held as council buildings cannot be used by councillors during election periods, it was good to be back to meeting residents there." says Mary. "We were able to get into the details of issues and especially so regarding the proposal for building at Murrays Court. " she adds.


Ashtead Independents Alley Action Volunteers meet 10am to noon every month, except August and weather permitting. Please contact us to join our group of volunteers.


Ashtead Independent Councillors hold a monthly drop in advice surgery from 2-4pm at Ashtead Library on the first Saturday of every month, except during any election period. No appointment is needed.


30 April 2024


The Liberal Democrats have circulate a leaflet headed “Fact-Checking the Ashtead Independents”. 


The LibDems state that they “inherited” the Mole Valley Local Plan and that they sought to remove Green Belt sites

such as Ermyn Way but were blocked by the Government. This is not the case. The Local Plan process commenced

under the previous administration but the current Mole Valley Plan is entirely a Liberal Democrat Plan and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous. The Liberal Democrats have been in control of MVDC since 2019 (they have 30 seats out of 39) and the current Plan is the work of the Liberal Democrat administration not their predecessors. 

In neighbouring Elmbridge (a council led by a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Residents' Association Independents) a Local Plan has been put forward with no proposed loss of Green Belt land. Mole Valley could have followed the example of Elmbridge but chose not to do so. 

The Liberal Democrats have been in charge of Mole Valley for the last five years and under their management the Council has continued to hold properties as investments as far afield as Wales. Ashtead Independents believe that it cannot possibly be right in current financial circumstances, when there is great pressure on public services, and when there is a waiting list for social housing, for Mole Valley's local authority to be maintaining properties and investments outside the district, especially when the property market is such a risky business. The Council’s entire focus should be on investing money here in Mole Valley for the benefit of local residents. 

The Liberal Democrats are all for the proposed Cycle Corridor along Craddocks Avenue and Barnett Wood Lane. In their leaflet they dispute the figure for the cost to Mole Valley. Instead they quote a new figure, seemingly plucked from thin air. Whatever the actual price tag, the scheme is potentially unsafe (for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike) and just another costly 'white elephant'.

Andy Smith
Independent Candidate for Ashtead Lanes and Common Ward 2024



In their election literature the Liberal Democrats have presented graphs that give the impression they were a close

second to the Ashtead Independents in the 2023 local elections. This is entirely false.

In the May 2023 elections, the three (successful) Ashtead Independent candidates in Ashtead Lanes and Common

Ward received a combined today of 4,723 votes, winning all three Ward seats on the Council. The defeated Liberal

Democrat candidates received a grand total of 1,335 votes. In other words, Ashtead Independents received 3.5 times as

many votes as the LibDems in that election.

In the same election, in Ashtead Park Ward, Ashtead Independents received 3,352 votes, winning all three seats. LibDem candidates managed only 660 votes between them, meaning that five times more people voted for the Ashtead Independents than for the LibDems.

Ashtead Lanes and Common Ward election 2023

Ashtead Independents 4,723

Liberal Democrats 1,335

30 April 2024

Ashtead Park Ward election 2023

Ashtead Independents 3,352

Liberal Democrats 660

30th April  2024

Ashtead Football Club all weather pitch - our position

Ashtead Independents are keen to encourage sport of all kinds in appropriate places.

Ashtead Football Club already hires all-weather pitches at local schools, and the new one is seen as a District-wide facility to hire out. At present children and teenagers can often be seen practising on the area where the enclosure would be, without having to pay the Football Club.

What is proposed uses a surface that has not been approved for pitches by FIFA and will produce toxic nanoparticles of plastic that can get into children's blood streams as well as contaminating the water runoff.

This is the only area where children can play and picnic with nearby car parking and bus stops.

Ashtead Common is a National Nature Reserve and Ashtead Park is Grade II listed and also a Local Nature Reserve so not suitable for general sporting activities.

The Woodfield is managed under arrangements with Natural England for its plants and birdlife so again is not suitable for sporting activities.

Furthermore, alternative positions for an all-weather pitch, which would leave open the area currently used by children and aspiring footballers, have been suggested to the Club but not pursued by them.

I am not sure you are aware that it was the Ashtead Independents who saved the Youth Club near The Woodman from closing as we felt that was something that Ashtead should continue to offer.

30th January 2024


Following the Government’s decision, in December2022 to make changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), MVDC asked the Planning Inspector to pause the examination of Mole Valley’s Local Plan. After pressure from Ashtead Councillors, the Council passed a motion to withdraw all Green Belt sites (including Site DS1- land South of Ermyn Way).

Read more HERE

Field behind Green Lane.JPG


It is a shame that our first volunteer day of the season had to be cancelled but we will be having another at the end of January, and I will keep people informed on our website and on social media. There is still a huge amount of clearance work needed in the park because it is just that – a park.

The estate did not have a great deal of natural woodland and, although there are some lovely specimen very old oaks, many of the older trees were planted by the owners of Ashtead Park House, now the City of Freemans School. These include some alien specimens such as the Yellow Buckeye (Aesculus flava) from America and the Caucasian Elm (Zelkova carpinifolia).


Continue reading HERE


I promised to let you know about volunteer days at Ashtead Park. The Lower Mole Project Group will be working there on 30th January to 1st February 2024. The Deepdene Volunteers will be working there on 17th January, 21st February, and 20th March.


Please turn up and join in. We really must cut back the bramble and encroaching sapling that are choking out some of the ancient trees. Plans are being drawn up for longer-term management but work can go on in the meantime. People arrive at 9.45 a.m. and work for as long as they can. Just bring your lunch, warm clothing and something to protect your hands. Some implements will be provided but if you have loppers or cutters, please do bring them. The more people who join in, the quicker the park will be improved.


We have such a limited number of opportunities because, of course, birds will start nesting in the spring. Please do come and join in.

By Councillor Patricia Wiltshire


18th December 2023



Representing the two Ashtead Wards on Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council ... ... and with good reason!

Ashtead Independents

Ashtead Independents are registered with the Electoral Commission to enable them to be identified and use a logo. Our Constitution and Rules make clear each vote independently with no whip.

We, the majority of Ashtead residents and the Ashtead Residents’ Association, consider that National party politics has no place in local councils.  It creates unnecessary antagonisms and divisiveness, and tends to prevent a proportion of members of the Council from being able to exercise full influence on behalf of their constituents.

In this site we introduce ourselves and try to keep you up to date with current issues affecting Ashtead.  Please use it to contact us to ask questions, to ask for help, to offer assistance in our campaigns, or especially if you would like to join us!


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