Alley Action

Ashtead Independents Alley Action Volunteers

The Alley Action Volunteers are a team who have come together to ensure the Ashtead’s historic alleyways are well kept and safe places to walk.


The network of alleyways that criss-cross parts of Ashtead have suffered in recent years as local authority spending is tightened.

So, the community’s response, thanks to the Ashtead Independent Group, is to create a group of volunteers who are prepared to go out and work on maintaining these important thoroughfares.

The Team - now some two dozen strong - is led by Mole Valley Village Ward councillor Alan Reilly who is often joined by fellow Ashtead Independents Village Ward councillor Chris Hunt - the current past chairman of MVDC

For those wishing to join the team, then be aware that they meet usually on the first Saturday of the month for a couple of hours from 10am. Volunteers are not expected to turn up every month so letting Alan know when you are able to come is helpful.
So, if you want to join in the fun, and keep these important and often historic, pathways in tip top condition, then call Alan on 01372 802489 he can then brief you if you have any further questions.


You can always check our website Calendar when are where the next clean up session is to take place so that you can decide whether or not you are able to help.

Social Event 


It's also worth noting that the Group has an annual social event in December. For those members of the group who wish to attend -then please use the booking form below.


In term of time commitment, the Group is looking for volunteers who can commit up to two hours a month. 

Alan is also looking to encourage Alley Action volunteers also support the annual Ashtead spring clean which is promoted by the Ashtead Residence Association (ARA). 

Important information for you to consider: 

If you want to join the group and take part in our clean ups then there are a few golden key points to consider:

The Group has no personal liability insurance which means:

•    You need to bring your own tools, including power tools,
•    Tools, particularly, power tools, must not be shared
•    Please bring you own safety gear such as gloves and safety glasses

The Group will be able to provide hi-vis safety vests and warning boards for            pedestrians while cleaning is in progress.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Cllr. Alan Reilly

Let's get together

Alley Action Group Volunteers Get Together
10 Dec, 11:30 – 13:00
7 The Mead, Ashtead KT21 2LZ, UK