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Ashtead - Local Government

Due to recent changes brought about by the LibDem administration, in May 2023, the election process changed

District Council Ward structure in Ashtead

Ashtead currently has six Council seats, among 39 at Mole Valley District Council (MVDC). All six seats are occupied by Ashtead Independents.


  • The six seats are spread across two wards - Ashtead Park and Ashtead Lanes & Common - each ward having three seats each.

  • The three district wards together form the Ashtead Division for Surrey County Council to which one councillor is elected.

  • Geographically, the division between the two wards can be seen in the map below. ​​

  • Due to recent changes brought about by the LibDem administration, in May 2023, electors voted for two councillors for four years; two for three years; and two for one year according to the number of votes received.

  • The map below reflects the number of years that councillors were elected in May 2023.


  • There will continue to be elections in three out of every four years.


  • There is no change to the County Council Ashtead Ward boundary or election timetable.


See: Three Wards to become two for the background to these changes.

How the Council Wards (seats) are distributed across Ashtead

Ashtead Common & Lanes Ward

Chris Hunt - Tel: 07725 174146

Andy Smith - Tel: 07737 271676

Patricia Wiltshire - Tel: 01372 272087

Ashtead Park

Mary Cooper - Tel: 01372 273489

Garry Stansfield - Tel: 07544 102119

Gerry Severnoaks - Tel: 01372 277080

Alan Reilly
local government.JPG

Surrey County Council

Chris Townsend - Tel: 01372 272076


Which Council does what in Ashtead?

Mole Valley District Council

MVDC empties our bins, maintains our public open spaces, the Wood Field, the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field (Recreation Ground) and Ashtead Park. It makes planning decisions, allocates public sector housing and enforces parking restrictions. MVDC also owns the nearby Leatherhead Leisure Centre.


Surrey County Council

SCC looks after our roads, provides schools, was responsible for the expansion of The Greville and St.Peter’s, runs the Library, and is the main provider of Social Services.

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