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Ashtead Independents have voices on every major committee with Cllr David Hawksworth being the new Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee and Cllr Gerry Sevenoaks as Vice Chairman of that committee. Cllr Patricia Wiltshire is the new Chairman of the Council - akin to a Mayor.

Ashtead Independent Leader Cllr Chris Hunt said, "We were humbled by the overwhelming support given to the Ashtead Independent candidates in the May District Council elections, which resulted in the election of all six Ashtead Independent Councillors - thank you for the thousands of votes we received. We are determined to live up to our ballot paper description ‘Ashtead Independents Working with Ashtead Residents’, which of course means all of Ashtead’s residents.

“We are working on improving the environment of Ashtead and beyond, and we have submitted a formal Motion to ban the killing of animals for so called blood sports on Mole Valley Council land and seek other major landowners to do likewise. The Motion would still allow sick animals to be humanely killed, and is not proposed to affect angling, only shooting animals in the name of 'sport'.

“By putting politics to one side and working with the ruling Lib Dem group, we are hopeful that this will complement our other work to safeguard and improve the natural fauna and flora in Ashtead Park, Ashtead Common and elsewhere, and so help ensure that the natural environment in its' widest sense throughout Mole Valley can be protected, " said Cllr Hunt.


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