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Check the air pollution around your home


Dirty air impacting 97% of homes

Data collected by the non-profit group the Central Office of Public Interest (Copi) and Imperial College London shows that more than 97% of UK addresses exceed WHO limits for at least one of three key air pollutants, while 70% of addresses breach WHO limits for all three. A map has been produced which combines 20,000 measurements with computer modelling to produce pollution estimates every 20 metres across the country. People can check their address at the website The towns and cities with the highest proportion of homes in the top 10% most polluted nationally are Slough in Berkshire, with 90%, followed by London, with 66%. Others in the worst affected 10 include Portsmouth, Leeds, Manchester and Reading. Copi is calling for a legal requirement for air pollution data to be disclosed to home buyers and renters.


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