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Green Lane Crossing

The issue concerning the Green Lane Crossing over the railway has been around for a number of years now with Network Rail suggesting closing the crossing apparently due to safety concerns. I, Cllr. Chris Townsend, have had many meetings with Network Rail, Surrey Rights of Way, the ARA and local MV councillors (Cllrs. David Hawksworth and Pat Wiltshire) on this over the past few years. We have challenged Network Rail on their views on the risk factors should the crossing be closed and its impact on residents having to walk a considerable distance to get across the railway at either the bridge at the bottom of the Woodfield or actually the level crossing at the station itself. We felt there are dangers/risks in both those alternatives and had become aware that the matter had appeared to be closed.

However it now appears that the whole situation is coming to the SCC/MVDC Local Committee in the summer of this year. We, the ARA and various residents, have substantial evidence that there is a Right of Way across the railway in Green Lane and we will provide that at the meeting. We are all totally committed to keeping that crossing open and will work with all parties to ensure we get a sensible and practical solution.

Cllrs. Townsend, Hawksworth and Wiltshire

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