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New planting promised for a more ‘accessible’ Ashtead Pond

Some years ago, the Council dredged Ashtead Pond, dumped the silt along the road-side edge, and planted it with an inappropriate mix of sedges, bulrushes, and willow. A thick mass of vegetation developed and this has constantly obscured the view for passers-by.  Originally, some pretty plants, such as purple loosestrife and gypsywort, were included, but they were quickly eliminated by the aggressive vegetation.


Local people’s enjoyment of the scene and the wildfowl has been frustrated by the persistent, thick, vegetation, as well as by netting which prevents anyone getting near to the water’s edge.


Independent Councillor Patricia Wiltshire has worked tirelessly to improve the area and has managed, on several occasions, to get the bulrushes, sedges, and willows cut down to improve the view. She says it is unfortunate that not all of the original dredged dumped material can be removed, but it is planned to dig out the offending marginal vegetation and set pre-seeded pallets into the pond-edge over the remaining silt.


“The chosen plants are of native, attractive, unaggressive, insect-friendly, species. Let us hope that, by next summer, we will have a pretty and more accessible pond for everyone to enjoy”, said Pat.


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