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Surrey County Council (SCC) notices have been popping up around Ashtead advising residents that parking controls are being proposed in a number of streets.

Last summer the County Council did a review of parking in Mole Valley and pulled together all the issues that had been brought to the Council’s attention by the public, police, councillors and highway officers.

Since then the parking proposals have been agreed by county councillors and so a 28 day consultation started from 19 January encouraging residents to look online at the proposals. Those properties immediately fronting streets where proposals for change have been made should have received a formal letter or a flyer notifying of the proposals that affect them.

The Review and the details of what streets are affected can be found at the following link:

Once all responses have been received the SCC officer responsible and the local County Councillor (Cllr. Chris Townsend – Ashtead Division) will meet and discuss the result of the consultation. County Councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager must agree on which proposals go forward before installation of the restrictions can begin. Those who respond to SCC will be notified of the decisions by email or letter prior to installation.

Once approval has been given, all the locations where new restrictions are due to be implemented, will be revisited and detailed drawings prepared before issuing to the lining contractor to install the road markings. The council will also make the required changes to the legal traffic regulation orders and, after that, the new controls and restrictions will come into effect and will be enforceable.

Changes in Ashtead are being proposed in the following locations: Woodfield Road; Park Road; Timber Hill; Parkers Close and Parkers Lane; Harriots Lane; Ottways Lane; Grangemount; Ermyn Way; and the Grove Road resident permit scheme. One location - Darcy Place, is not to be progressed.

Ashtead Independent County Councillor Chris Townsend said “it’s important that all residents, particularly those affected, look at the County Council’s website so that they are fully aware of what is being proposed. You can contact me through the contact details on the Ashtead Independent group’s website”.


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