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No party affiliations in local government says ARA

Ashtead Residents’ Association (ARA) firmly believes that national party affiliations have no place in local government,” says ARA Chair Glynis Peterkin.

“The Association strongly supports all of Ashtead’s Independent Councillors who fight for Ashtead’s interests without having to toe a party line handed down by a national party or a local party machine, “

“Our Councillors give us great insight into the work of both District and County Councils and we enjoy a mutual sharing of ideas and views on what we each believe is the best way to work on Ashtead’s behalf.

“Ashtead’s residents can be assured that our Independent Councillors are staunch and determined in their representation of Ashtead and we continue to offer them our support in all that they do to safeguard Ashtead’s interests in Council,” she said.


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