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At my last election I promised 20mph outside our local schools, as St Giles and Greville schools now have 20mph as promised, the area around West Ashtead, St Peters, St Andrews and Downsend schools will now have 20mph introduced over the school holidays this year.


Various roads and pavements have also been improved over the last year including Park Lane, The Street,  Beechcroft, and Cray Avenue with improvements to Woodfield Lane and Barnett Wood Lane due over the coming year.


Flooding has been an issue in a number of places recently and these have been resolved with particular reference to the S bend in Farm Lane - there is an outstanding issue with one local householder here that Surrey Highways is addressing, but otherwise all issues have been resolved.


As far as yellow lines (parking restrictions) are concerned, those for 2023/4 are now in, with those requested for 2024/5 due for consultation later this year. Also, various repairs and new railings are being done over the coming months outside The Brewery pub, outside West Ashtead school and along Woodfield Lane.


Please continue to log potholes on the SCC website - it does work !!


Surrey Funding


I have supported a number of projects requesting funding from my Surrey allocations over the last few months, including for Ashtead Cricket Club, Greville School, the APMH and the Youth Centre. Some have already been agreed and delivered whilst the remainder are awaiting final confirmation.



Ashtead County Councillor

Chris Townsend


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