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In their election literature the Liberal Democrats have presented graphs that give the impression they were a close second to the Ashtead Independents in the 2023 local elections. This is entirely false.

In the May 2023 elections, the three (successful) Ashtead Independent candidates in Ashtead Lanes and Common Ward received a combined today of 4,723 votes, winning all three Ward seats on the Council.

The defeated Liberal Democrat candidates received a grand total of 1,335 votes. In other words, Ashtead Independents received 3.5 times as many votes as the LibDems in that election.

In the same election, in Ashtead Park Ward, Ashtead Independents received 3,352 votes, winning all three seats. LibDem candidates managed only 660 votes between them, meaning that five times more people voted for the Ashtead Independents than for the LibDems.

Ashtead Lanes and Common Ward election 2023

Ashtead Independents 4,723

Liberal Democrats 1,335

Ashtead Park Ward election 2023

Ashtead Independents 3,352

Liberal Democrats 660


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