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ELECTIONS 2023 - THANK YOU ASHTEAD Ashtead Independents retain all seats

A big “thank you” to all Ashtead residents who voted for their Ashtead Independent (AI) candidates – all six of whom were elected with significant majorities on 4 May 2023. We are gratified with the confidence it shows Ashtead has in us to represent your views, and your appreciation of what we achieve for the community.

We secured 60.4 % of the number of votes, with the next largest group being the Liberal Democrats at 14.9 %; the other four groups contesting the election all had less than 10% of the total number of votes. The highest number of votes for us came from Lanes and Common Ward (4723) where we secured 69.0% of the votes, while in Park Ward (3352) the percentage was 51.3%.

Mole Valley District Council now comprises 30 Liberal Democrat Councillors, three Conservatives, and six Ashtead Independents. This means that the Informal Independent Group in the Council, made up only of Ashtead Independents, becomes the official opposition. This new situation puts a great deal of responsibility on Ashtead Councillors, and we will intensify our efforts to consult residents widely to ensure that their voice is heard loud and clear.

Remember, that while the Ashtead Independents are registered with the Electoral Commission, our Constitution and Rules make clear each can vote independently with no whip. So it is important that your ward councillors are made aware of your views.

​We are pleased that the majority of Ashtead residents continue to agree that national party politics should have has no place in local authorities. The national political parties create unnecessary antagonisms and divisiveness, and result in some elected Members being unable to exercise their personal the views in the interests of the wards they represent.

​Please use the website to contact us to ask questions, for help, and to offer assistance in our campaigns. Please visit it and get in touch especially if you would like to join us!

The Ashtead Independent Councillors elected or re-elected were:

Ashtead Lanes and Common: David Leslie Hawksworth (1534 votes), Chris Hunt (1636), and Patricia Wiltshire (1553).


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