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The Liberal Democrats have circulate a leaflet headed “Fact-Checking the Ashtead Independents”.


The LibDems state that they “inherited” the Mole Valley Local Plan and that they sought to remove Green Belt sites such as Ermyn Way but were blocked by the Government. This is not the case. The Local Plan process commenced under the previous administration but the current Mole Valley Plan is entirely a Liberal Democrat Plan and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous. The Liberal Democrats have been in control of MVDC since 2019 (they have 30 seats out of 39) and the current Plan is the work of the Liberal Democrat administration not their predecessors.

In neighbouring Elmbridge (a council led by a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Residents' Association Independents) a Local Plan has been put forward with no proposed loss of Green Belt land. Mole Valley could have followed the example of Elmbridge but chose not to do so.


The Liberal Democrats have been in charge of Mole Valley for the last five years and under their management the Council has continued to hold properties as investments as far afield as Wales. Ashtead Independents believe that it cannot possibly be right in current financial circumstances, when there is great pressure on public services, and when there is a waiting list for social housing, for Mole Valley's local authority to be maintaining properties and investments outside the district, especially when the property market is such a risky business. The Council’s entire focus should be on investing money here in Mole Valley for the benefit of local residents.


The Liberal Democrats are all for the proposed Cycle Corridor along Craddocks Avenue and Barnett Wood Lane. In their leaflet they dispute the figure for the cost to Mole Valley. Instead they quote a new figure, seemingly plucked from thin air. Whatever the actual price tag, the scheme is potentially unsafe (for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike) and just another costly 'white elephant'.

Andy Smith

Independent Candidate for Ashtead Lanes and Common Ward 2024


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