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Public toilets in the APMH carpark

At last we have some good news about the public toilets in the APMH carpark. They are kept well stocked with soap and paper, but they are in a very run-down state. Your Independent Councillors have been very concerned about them for some time and had a recent meeting with council officers at the lavatories (not my favourite inspection of the year, but necessary).


We looked at the inside and outside of the building in both the men's and women's sections. We have asked for much to be done for the refurbishment and plans are being drawn up for the improvements. We have asked for quite drastic changes as well as great improvements in cleanliness, and officers were in agreement that they must be sorted out.


We will keep you posted about their progress, although it will probably be moving ahead in the spring of 2024.

By Councillor Patricia Wiltshire


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